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Horsepitality Pte Ltd is a full-service Real Asset Managing Consultant and one of a leading Brokerage firm in Asia that specializes in hospitality properties.

Horsepitality Pte Ltd offers General Management & Consultancy for pre-opening and operational running hotels. The five core business units are Asset Management, Brokerage, Investments, Projects, and F&B Consulting, and the synergising of these functions offers end-to-end solutions to hotel owners and developers. The core management team of the company have a combined of over 100 years of work experiences in the Consultation, Marketing and General Management in the hospitality industry.

Horsepitality Pte Ltd's brokerage division work very closely with the industy players to provide real time market analysis, for an informed decision in asset acquisition and disposal considerations. We have our in-house valuers to assess properties' valuations and our professional marketeers are very experienced brokers with at least 10 years in the business, to help our clients to list their properties, to find them the right buyer/lessee, and assist in their development requirement, through working with our partner-network which have presence in the Asian region.

Mission statement: We strive to continuously developing or work with strategic partners to offer value-added solutions and services that is reliable, feasible and cost effective, and develop a valued business proposition chain that will constantly improves our clients business proficiencies.

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