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Hospitality Management Services

Why do hotels want to be associated with international brand names? You can find below is a long list of what can be benefitted from being part of our managed group:

Shared costs
- As a group, to improve on the overall IT products and solutions, and in advertisements, etc

Shared resources & experiences
- The hotel no longer functions in isolation. The group has exchange-programs to allow the hotelsí employees to interact and share, to learn from each other experiences.
- The hotel will also benefits from the shared resources from the group. One way from internally is the shared procurement resources for certain items, the other
   is through out-sourcing that the group will determine.

Lower per unit cost in supplies
- For items such as amenities, towels, bed sheets, bedspreads, etc. due to coordinated orders. The group will works with a list of approved vendors.

Lower overall fixed capital cost
- In-room equipments such as hair dryers, television, movie channels, mattresses, etc.
- And other hotel equipments, due to group coordinated purchase.

A Better trained and motivated workforce
- Staff will benefits from our international training program (ITP), better career prospects and advancements.

Improve the service level of hotel
- Our ITP will increase the level of service proficiencies.

Improve rooms and occupancy rates
- With an attainment of higher level in service proficiencies, the hotelís image has improved and thus may raise its room rates accordingly (instead of competing with other
  2 star hotels, the hotels can priced themselves on par with the 3 or 4 stars).
- Being part of the group, the hotel automatically becomes more exposed to other channels, and thus leads to an increase in occupancy rates in the longer term. The hotel
  will also be able to receive bookings from the groupís reservation system.

Incremental sales & revenues
- Example 1: hotel Aís ballroom/function room cannot accept a larger than what it can accommodates, so hotel A refers the client to hotel B under the same group which
  has a larger function capacity, and hotel A gets a cut in return (usually 10%).
- Example 2: hotel B reservation is full on a particular day, so hotel B recommends spill-over sales to hotel A who is not running at full occupancy; in return hotel B gets a
  cut of revenues (usually 10%).

Appreciation in market valuation of the property
- A well managed hotel with a stronger brand image is in better positioned than its rival hotels.

It is always the high cost in management fees that keep a distant from hotels to be part of the group. At Horsepitality Pte Ltd, we offer good value proposition to our clients as we believed sustainability must be long-lived! For more information on management service and fee structure, kindly fill up details on the spaces provided below:

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